Welcome to Hot Coffee Trends

Welcome to Hot Coffee Trends, the home of the top internet experts on everything coffee.

We are a pair of best friends who share a moderate to severe caffeine addiction. There’s nothing more that we enjoy more than kicking back, chilling out, and solving our life’s problems over some fragrant java.

But we wanted to do more, including educating other people about this wonderful beverage. So we decided to put our passion for a good, hot, cup-of-joe to use and started blogging about our favorite beverage.

Why We Started a Coffee Blog

We bring Hot Coffee Trends to you for one reason—to share our passion for coffee. Our broad-reaching goal is to educate people on the following things:

  • How to brew a perfect cup of Joe
  • Different home brewing methods (automatic drip, pods, pour-over, French press, etc)
  • Regions that grow coffee beans, and how that impacts the flavors
  • Whole bean versus ground varieties
  • Reviews of retail coffee brands
  • Caffeinated versus decaf coffee (an age-old battle)
  • Cold-brew coffee methods
  • Storage methods
  • Product buying guides: coffee makers, grinders, espresso machines, and more
  • Health benefits of caffeine

Why Coffee?

People often ask why we blog about something as routine as coffee. You see, we know that while the brewing process is relatively straightforward, coffee is a nuanced beverage. We appreciate the many ranges of flavors from mild to strong, the complexity of the aroma, and much more.  To sum it up–coffee is awesome. That’s why.

Meet the Hot Coffee Trends Team

Want to meet the folks behind the scenes?

Meet Shane:

Shane is a self-described gamer, coder, and java-holic. Because Shane is a busy college student and entrepreneur, coffee is the magical brew that keeps him running 24/7.

When he’s not at school or working at his coffee blog, you can usually find Shane at the beach—he’s an avid surfer and is in a perpetual search for the most challenging waves.

Meet Dee Dee:

Dee Dee is a quiet, introverted SEO writer and blogger. She loves nothing more than cozying up by a sunny window with a mystery novel and a hot cup of coffee in the late afternoon.

Although Dee Dee is a bookworm, she has a secret competitive side, as well. When she is not at her desk writing or curled up with her nose in a book, you will catch her training for 5k and 8k road races.