We’re Obsessed with Black Powder Coffee – You’ll Be Too!

black powder coffee

I fell in love with Black Powder Coffee about three years ago, and you will, too. Really. It was love at first sip.

To be clear on the name, don’t confuse them with their competitor Black Rifle (which has merit, also, and will be a review on another day).

This boutique roastery is located in Mooresville, North Carolina, near Charlotte. While they might be located near a big city, you’ll find that you receive hometown customer service from this brand.

These reviews are honest and authentic. Before we publish, we brew and taste every coffee. No spun content or fake reviews, written by sub-contractors who lift the descriptions off of other sites.

All opinions are my own. I received no compensation or freebies from the company. I have purchased many products over the years and offer up honest feedback.

assorted basket

Consistency When Taste Testing

To create reviews, Shane and I brew consistently. It’s the only way to give every product a fair shake.

The rules of the game, every time we taste-test:

  • We brew ground coffee every time. Why? Because not everyone has a coffee grinder. This makes great java accessible to everyone. We want real, everyday people to enjoy. No snobs! And truthfully, sometimes I grind my beans, sometimes I’m too lazy.
  • We use the same pour-over coffee maker. Have you ever used this type of coffeemaker? If so, you probably agree that it’s worth the extra time. It’s so easy to make. We use the same method every time. Of course, you will use your favorite method at home.
  • We enjoy each cup “fixed” the same way–straight black, without adding sugar or cream.
  • Finally, we brew with filtered water to ensure clear, delicious java with no mineral taste from our water source.

A quick note before we move on. If you become curious about this brewing process as you read our reviews, please check out our guide on pour-over coffee makers.

Each coffee review article takes days and days of brewing and tasting. But it’s a challenge I gladly accept!

About Black Powder Coffee

This small business specializes in roasting single-origin coffee. Black Powder explains this term on their website as the beans originating from a specific “region, farm, or area within a farm.”

In other words, this term is the opposite of “blended,” which might originate across multiple areas or regions.

Why does this matter? Many reasons.

Quality control. Ethical farming and harvesting practices. Fairtrade practices to ensure the farms don’t use child labor and receive fair compensation.

These things matter. Black Powder Coffee appears to be an ethical roaster with strict quality control standards throughout the process, from working with vendors to shipping their products to customers.

Note, also, that Black Powder makes their offerings available in whole bean and single serve cups, in addition to the ground that I use.

Black Powder Coffee: 10 Products Reviewed

Please note that I include more reviews than I have photos. That’s because I just ordered a recent delivery for this project. Other reviews are from past experience, and I did not think to take pics. Oops, pardon!

1 – Mexican coffee

I have traveled to Mexico to study the language on several occasions. As a person who has left the tourist sites to really learn the culture, I can tell you one thing.

Most Mexican women are charming, gracious hostesses. When they open up their home to you, they consider it a point of pride to offer you an excellent cup of coffee. In fact, she will not only offer but also insist that you try it.

This Mexican coffee honors that tradition. Think light but flavorful, slightly citrusy, and very pleasant to sip.

The beans come from the San Fernando area, in the state of Chiapas, a tropical rainforest area that shares a border with Guatemala. The high elevation and significant rainfall produce fantastic beans.


Flavor profile:

  • Light roast, this flavor is perfect for sipping any time of the day
  • Single-origin
  • Slight sweetness, with a fresh hint of citrus
  • No bitter notes
  • Chocolate aroma

This order was my first experience with Black Powder Coffee’s Mexican coffee, and I will order it more often.

2 – Peanut Butter

Next up, a flavor one does not usually think of when they think of a hot afternoon cup of Joe–peanut butter.

However, Black Powder Coffee nods to their North Carolina roots with this flavor choice. North Carolina farmers produced 448,800,000 pounds of peanuts in 2019, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

The flavor is not “smack you in the face” nutty. Instead, it’s a distinct but not overpowering taste that pleases the taste buds. The first time I tried it, I had my doubts. But boy was I wrong. It stole my heart at first taste.

Flavor profile:

  • Medium roast
  • Blended from Central American and Brazil Peaberry
  • Peanut butter aroma and flavor is subtle but unmistakable.
  • Smooth finish and mouthfeel
  • No bitter aftertaste

3 – Snickerdoodle coffee

Snickerdoodle cookies are a classic treat. There’s something magical about the smell as they bake in the oven.

Now, you can enjoy the same cinnamon-sweet deliciousness in a mug!

I tried this for the first time while I was on a diet. It seemed like a great way to have something sweet without burning up all my ww points. This did not disappoint.

It had enough cinnamon and sugary flavor to satisfy my craving. The blended coffee smells of cinnamon and butter, just like the cookies. If you don’t like sweets, this might not be the best coffee for you. But if you do love cookies, this is a delicious treat.

Flavor profile:

  • Blended from two different beans
  • Roasted from Brazilian peaberry and Central American beans
  • Cinnamon, sugar, and butter flavors
  • The cinnamon flavor stays on the tongue as you sip it (in a pleasant way)
  • Medium roast

4 – Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania, a country on the African continent, is perhaps most famous for being the home of Mount Kilimanjaro.

However, visitors to that famous site will learn quickly about the prolific coffee production. It’s a point of national pride. In fact, green beans are Tanzania’s top export product.

Peaberries are unique. You see, when the trees produce beans, they usually do so in “twins,” flat-looking fruits with two side-by-side seeds. If you look at a whole bean, you see a vertical line on the flat underside.

However, peaberries occur when only one seed receives fertilization. Thus, they have a rounded appearance. Plus, many experts point out that the flavors are concentrated in this single pod.

Whatever the science behind it, this coffee is lightly acidic, a little bit sweet, and a little bit fruity.

tanzania peaberry

Flavor profile:

  • Single-origin
  • Light roast
  • Well-balanced flavors
  • Fruity with a hint of ginger
  • Best when sipped hot, as it leaves a hint of bitterness if you let the coffee get too cool

5 – Bourbon Infused Reserve Roast

Black Powder Coffee offers a small selection of “reserve” coffee products. These offerings come from the finest, single-origin beans they procure and are available only in small quantities.

The Bourbon Infused Reserve coffee is a regular item on my list. In fact, it’s the primary reason that I placed my first order with the company. I love a good bourbon on occasion, and the idea of this bourbon-infused treat intrigued me.

Rest assured, it did not disappoint. I order it for special occasions and give it gifts to friends who enjoy bourbon, but shipping liquor is too much of a hassle.

Before roasting, the mad scientists at Black Powder Coffee marinate Costa Rican single-origin beans with genuine Kentucky bourbon.

The alcohol bakes off during the roasting cycle. This process delivers non-alcoholic beans with a smoky bourbon flavor.

You will certainly agree–once you taste–it feels rich and luxurious.

One downside to this product is that you might find it unavailable on their website because they prepare it in minimal quantities. But don’t worry, that means they are making a fresh batch.

Serve this alongside a nutty coffee cake for a decadent desert.

I promise, it is well worth the wait!

black powder coffee company bourbon

Flavor profile:

  • Medium roast
  • Single-origin coffee from Costa Rican beans
  • Rich, smoky Bourbon flavor
  • Bold finish
  • Pleasantly acidic and balanced

6 – Southern Pecan Pie

Black Powder Coffee offers another hint of their hospitable southern location with this flavor blend, Southern Pecan Pie.

Every southern family has a treasured pecan pie recipe, usually handed down from one generation to the next. Pecan trees thrive in North Carolina, from the coastal region to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, close to Charlotte.

This coffee comes from a blend of medium-roasted beans and has a smooth, nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Flavor profile:

  • Medium roast
  • Blended from Brazilian peaberry and Central American beans
  • Pecan nutty flavor
  • Very smooth finish with no aftertaste or bitterness
  • Perfect served after dinner in place of a heavy dessert

7 – Frontier Breakfast

If you enjoy a light, almost crisp, morning cuppa, then the Frontier Breakfast might be a wonderful option for you to try.

This blend might be one of the most refreshing cups you’ll try. I know–fresh is not typically a word you’d use to describe coffee, but that’s the best term to describe it.

It’s honest-to-goodness, no-frills, lightly roasted coffee. Period. Although its name is apt for early birds, I enjoyed this as a late afternoon treat and enjoyed it right down to the last sip.

black powder coffee

Flavor profile:

  • Light roast
  • Pure coffee aroma, not a hint of anything to detract
  • Blended from Costa Rica and Mexican single-origin beans
  • No bitterness
  • It leaves a pleasant taste as you finish

8 – Peaberry Blend

Peaberry Blend stole my heart from the first aromatic whiff–before I tasted it, I fell in love with the rich smell.

The second the water hit the grounds in my pour-over coffeemaker, it released a heavenly scent.

This coffee is a union of two peaberries–Tanzania and Brazil.

As previously mentioned, many experts believe peaberry coffee is the gold standard because the flavor is concentrated. Perhaps that is the reason for the wonderful aroma.

I do not use an electric coffeemaker with a timer, ever. But I can imagine waking up to the smell of this freshly made and waiting in the pot would give me a good reason to get out of bed.

peaberry blend

Flavor Profile

  • Medium roast
  • Blended from two peaberries: Brazil and Tanzania
  • Rainforest certified
  • Well-balanced, no bitter
  • It has a pleasant “bite” with a smooth finish

9 – Colombia

Colombia is a country perhaps best known for its coffee production.

The equator runs through this beautiful country. So the high mountains and the tropical rainforests make it ideal for coffee production.

And that great coffee is why Americans have such a thirst for Colombian-produced beans.

In fact, the US imports $1.2 billion of coffee from farms there, according to the 2019 United States Trade data.

What separates Black Powder Coffee’s Colombian from others?

The bean. While most others use the more standard Arabica bean, this boutique roastery relies on the Colombian Excelso bean.

Grown high in the verdant mountains, this flavor is a cut above Arabica. You’ll find the flavors crips, clean, and bright. You will not be disappointed with this coffee.

black powder coffee

Flavor profile:

  • Organic certified
  • A hint of chocolate in the aroma
  • Minimal acidic
  • Pleasing, sweet aftertaste with a buttery, caramel note
  • Well-balanced and pleases the palate

10 – Peru Decaf

I wanted to round out the list with one decaf. To be honest, this decaf is the only one I tasted from Black Powder Coffee. I’m not a decaf kind of gal, I guess.

Many people find decaf a little of a letdown. However, this Peru Decaf does not disappoint.

The flavor is bolder than many decafs. It has a crisp bite at the back of the tongue and good coffee flavor.

My honest opinion speaks not to the quality of the coffee, but to a personal preference. I can take decaf or leave it. But if someone forced me to drink decaf, this would be the one.

Flavor profile:

  • Medium-dark roast
  • Big, bold flavor
  • Dry bite as you finish your sip
  • Well-balanced
  • Best enjoyed while it’s hot, gets a little bitter as it cools

The Bottom Line on Black Powder Coffee

I was eager to write product reviews on the Black Powder Coffee lineup. As a customer, it seemed fitting to give them a shout out on my blog.

Many small businesses struggled over the recent months, so I decided to steer my blogging venture toward helping shine the spotlight on deserving small coffee roasters.

Again, I do not receive compensation. In fact, I did not even reach out to tell the owners of Black Powder that I was reviewing their products.

But if you would like to support a small business that will deliver you great customer service and excellent coffee, you can order from Black Powder Coffee with this link. And if you’d like to sign up to receive more coffee news, please join my email list.

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