About Us

about us

Hot Coffee Trends is all about one thing–coffee!

We started this website for just one reason: to share our love for all things java-related.

This blog is part of the Word Innovations media family, based in Northeastern North Carolina. But don’t let our rural location fool you!

Our writers travel the world in search of the perfect cuppa. Dee Dee travels throughout the United States and North America and Shane’s travels take him to exotic points in Asia and Africa.

About Us: Company Culture

As we mentioned, we call the semi-coastal region of the great state of North Carolina our home. However, we are a remote-based business, with writers checking in from around the world.

We started this website during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, while facing weeks of self-isolation. Not only did we stay safe, but we continued to prove that our remotely-based team of writers works well. No boring “corporate” types here, just coffee lovers who want to bring you the facts.

About Us: The Hot Coffee Trends Anti-Hate Policy

One thing you should know about us at Hot Coffee Trends–we denounce hate speech and racism in all forms.

We want to welcome all site visitors and create a safe haven for java lovers from all over the world.

about us

We disallow all of the following behaviors:

  • Discrimination of any person based on skin color, gender, religion, age, or political views.
  • Any implied or explicit threat of violence. These can include words, photos, or illustrations.
  • Bullying or demoralizing users on our Facebook page or group. (Our moderators will revoke your membership immediately)

Sadly, it is necessary in the world today to need to spell out rules of engagement for our website and social media pages. We want all our site visitors to feel comfortable to leave comments without fear.

We hope that one day, we will all see people who are actively kind to others–and then we can remove this text. But until then, thank you for your kindness and understanding.